About Our Growth

The establishment and growth of the 4-H Children's Gardens and programs has only been possible through the generous support of hundreds of people.

We are very grateful for this amazing support. We have done our very best to use your support wisely so that we can provide and maintain the most outstanding children's garden in the world!

Through the 4-H Children's Gardens tens of thousands of children have been able to "experience plants" in new and exciting ways. They have been excited by learning and have made connections to the gardens and to MSU that will last their entire lifetime.

Your generosity has created a "magical place of learning"!

Future Growth

Our future growth, as has our past growth, depends on your generous donations. We look forward to working with our donors to keep the 4-H Children's Gardens as the premiere children's garden.

We invite everyone to join us as we move into the future. We would be honored to discuss sponsorship opportunities with you.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can work together:

  • Dr. Norm Lownds, Curator (Email: lownds@msu.edu or Phone: 517-353-0349)
  • Executive Director, Michigan 4-H Foundation at: 517-353-6692