QR Codes

These special signs are for smart phones or iPads. QR Code To use them you have to have a QR Code reader on your phone or iPad.

When you point the camera on your phone or iPod at the QR Code, it will automatically go to the web site we have created that has lots more information about that theme area and plants. Each QR Code will take you to this information:

Click here to preview the Butterflies Smart Signs.

Get the QR Code Reader

You can Google QR Code readers and find one to download.

Click here to download the QR code reader that we are using on our iPod Touches in the garden.

Click here to download a QR Code reader for smart phones.

iPod Touches in the Garden

We have iPod Touches that we use in our Seeds of Science program. If you are really interested in using them when you visit, contact Dr. Norm and we will set that up for you.