Schedule a Tour

Arrange a special tour of the 4-H Children's Gardens led by one of our knowledgeable docents. Listen to stories about plants growing in the garden, learn how plants are important in our daily lives and explore the gardens with all our your senses through taste test challenges, smelley explorations and more!

You can also request an optional scavneger hunt that provides an opportunity for focused exploration of the garden individually or in small groups.

Garden Tours are $2 per garden visitor.

To schedule a garden tour contact us by phone at: (517) 353-0452 or by email at:

If you have specific content questions, please contact, Jessica Wright, Education Coordinator, 4-H Children's Gardens at (517) 353-0452 or

Tour Availability

Tours of the outdoor 4-H Children's Gardens are generally scheduled May through October. But they can be scheduled for any time of the year.

During winter months you can schedule tours of the indoor 4-h Children's Gardens where it is always warm.

In March and April, when we are doing Butterflies in the Garden, we have thousands of visitors coming through, so if you would like a tour be sure to schedule early!