Plant Signs in the 4-H Children's Gardens

QR CodeAll of our plant signs have just the plant's common name. If you really want the scientific name, we have them and can get them for you.

Be sure to check out the names as you go through the garden - there are some really interesting ones!

Theme Garden Signs

QR CodeEach theme area in the garden has a sign. These are usually bronze and contain this information:

  • The name of the theme area.
  • An inscription or saying that was selected by the sponsor of the theme area.
  • The donor or sponsor's name.

The theme areas stay the same from year to year, but some of the plants may change.

Special instructions

Sundial directionsA few themes have some larger signs that provide instructions on how or what to do there. Look for these in the:

  • Cloth and Color Garden
  • At the Sundial

Just follow the instructions and have some fun!