Types of Tours

We offer tours for groups of most any size. There is a fee for garden tours, see the specifics below.

We offer the following types of tours:

  • Butterflies in the Garden (March and April only)
  • 4-H Children's Garden tours
  • Discovery Field Trips
  • Seeds of Science Field Trips

More information on each type of tour is below.

Butterflies in the Garden

These tours are available in March and April when we are doing Butterflies in the Garden. Butterflies tours are $2 per person, with a minimum fee of $20.

For full details click here.

Garden Tours

Arrange a special tour of the 4-H Children's Gardens with one of our knowledgeable docents to lead the way. Listen to stories about different plants growing in the garden, learn about how plants are important in our daily lives and explore the gardens with all of your senses through taste test challenges, smelly explorations and more!

You can also request an optional scavenger hunt that provides an opportunity for focused exploration of the garden individually or in small groups.

Garden tours are $2 per person, with a minimum fee of $20.

Discovery Field Trips

Discovery Field Trips combine experiential exploration of the garden with a focused hands-on thematic lesson. Begin your garden discovery with a short tour and scavenger hunt. Then discover more through one of our interactive discovery topics, designed to meet the needs and interests of children. Discoveries include:

  • Important Plants
  • Plant Evaluation
  • Salad Bowl Experiment
  • Plant Problems

Discoveries occur in the garden, using its' unique resources while incorporating sketching, journaling, technology and group conversation. Your visit can last from two hours to the entire day or even for several days. We work with the teacher/leader to create discoveries that fit your student's interests and needs as well as address your curriculum and interests.

Discovery field trip prices vary - please contact us.

Seeds of Science Field Trips

Seeds of Science Field Trips are our most intensive type of field trip. Generally groups come for three visits and spend all day with us. Each Seeds of Science field trip is custom designed with the teacher or group leader to meet your specific learning goals and needs.

Click here to learn all about Seeds of Science.

Seeds of Science field trips have their own pricing structure. Please contact us for specifics.

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To bring your class or group for a Garden Tour, contact the Education Coordinator.

Phone: 517-355-5191 ext. 1-327

Email: garden4h@msu.edu

We will work with you to meet your specific educational needs and goals.