Virtual Tours

Use our Virtual Tours to visit the 4-H Children's Gardens from anywhere and at any time!

Our virtual tours can give you a taste of the real garden experience. We also try very hard to create virtual experiences that enhance and expand hands-on garden experiences and activities.

We have divided the virtual tours based on the different major sections of the gardens.

  • Kidstour
  • Outdoor 4-H Children's Garden
  • Schoolyard Demonstration Garden
  • Indoor 4-H Children's Garden
  • Other Gardens

Click on the navigation on the right to explore our virtual tours. Enjoy!

Virtual Tour Thoughts

Virtual Tours and all the virtual componenets of the 4-H Children's Gardens are designed to enhance and expand hands-on garden learning experiences.

We need to take advantage of kids inherent interest in technology to get them connected to the garden in new and exciting ways.

Our virtual and real garden experiences are designed to be fun. We always try to encourage curiosity and wonder!